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Ruby- Interesting Facts:
Birthstone: July
Wedding Anniversary: 15th and 40th

The ultimate red gemstone, Rubies have symbolized passion and romance for centuries. The finest Rubies are intensely saturated, pure red with no overtones of brown or blue.

According to Legend:  The color of blood, the stone is symbolic of courage and bravery. The stone has also been used as a talisman against danger, disaster, to stop bleeding, and a number of other ailments. Its intense color was thought to come from an undying flame inside the stone – or, as some legends would have it, a piece of the planet Mars

Care:  The Ruby rates a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it the second hardest material known after diamonds. Despite this, some Rubies have surface fractures and cavities that are filled with glass-like materials to improve their appearance. This filler may break, fall out or wear out over time if exposed to heat, strong abrasives or constant impact. For both treated or untreated stones, the safest cleaning method is to just use soapy water or a mild commercial solvent and a brush